CD DVD Blu Ray Printers

CD DVD Blu Ray Disc Printers

All Pro Solutions is a leading manufacturer and innovator of CD DVD Blu-ray Duplicators and Blu-ray Publishers. Offering the largest selection available, All Pro Solutions is setting the standard for the CD Duplication industry. From low-end, entry-level CD Duplicators and Blu-ray printers to highly advanced and network-based, mission-critical Blu-ray DVD CD Publishers systems, All Pro Solutions has everything covered!

All Pro Solutions is located in South Carolina, USA in the beautiful Charlotte metropolitan area where all equipment is manufactured, ranging from low-end automated CD DVD Duplicators, mid-range CD DVD Publishers, and high-end Blu-ray Publishers.

The systems, within the Apollo Series, are PC-connected and fully automated CD DVD Blu-ray printers or printer autoloaders (PA). The systems come in several different autoloader sizes with different capacities for each of the CD printers, ranging from 220 up to 900 disc capacity. The systems are integrated with either inkjet CD printers or thermal DVD printers. The systems are compatible with Windows operating systems from Windows XP up to Windows 10 to date. Each of the integrated DVD printers is optimized for industrial automated use. The systems can be either CD DVD or Blu-ray printers, as long as it’s a disc with a printable surface, the format does not matter. The production software has a built-in label editor and allows for unlimited jobs to be queued. Users can also set up email notifications for specific alerts.

The Apollo series printer autoloaders can all be easily configured with the following CD DVD Blu-Ray printers: SpeedJet inkjet DVD printers and Pro III monochrome thermal transfer CD printers,

At All Pro Solutions, Inc. “We are your Source for all your CD DVD and Blu-Ray duplication equipment needs.”

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