Hera Series CD DVD Blu-Ray Duplicators

Hera Series CD DVD Blu-Ray Duplicators


This series consists of standalone, automated duplicators that work independent of other devices. The units copy from one master, meaning no PCs are needed. The duplicator tower is detachable, making the exchange between CD/DVD and Blu-ray towers simple and effortless. Now available with DVD-Video Copy Protection!

The Hera Series automated standalone DVD duplicators start out with 3 DVD CD Duplicators drives and 330 disc capacity and go all the way up to 9 CD DVD Blu-ray duplicators drives and 900 disc capacity. The Hera duplicators are copy-only machines intended for standalone operation. Users simply load the CD, DVD, or BD on top of blank discs and select ‘Copy’. That’s it! For those who have ISO files on their PCs or laptops, especially if they are larger files like Blu-ray images, the Hera CD DVD Blu-ray duplicators now include a PC-Link application to allow transfer of image files directly to the internal HDD, or directly control the autoloader and all jobs from the PC-Link application. The systems within the Hera Series consist of DVD CD Duplicators and Blu-ray Duplicators.

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All Pro Solutions is located in South Carolina, USA in the beautiful Charlotte metropolitan area where all equipment is manufactured, ranging from low-end automated CD DVD Duplicators, mid-range CD DVD Publishers, and high-end Blu-ray Publishers.